Dog boarding and Doggy Day Care Kennels:

Dog boarding and Doggy Day Care Kennels

PawsInnPonty is a modern Dog Boarding Kennels established in 2018. We are based on a four acre hillside farm on the out skirts of Pontypridd, approximately one mile from the town centre. We originally decided to build kennels to care for our own and family members dogs, so they had somewhere that bit more special to enjoy. We have since expanded it into a licensed business , we intend to stay on a small scale. We prefer to have a more friendly and personal approach which allows us to get to know your dog’s own personality. Our slogan is we aim to treat your dog the same way we would treat our own.

Advantages of boarding at PawsInnPonty

We appreciate how much dog owners are concerned about leaving their dogs in kennels, and we have all heard harrowing stories of dogs that have had a traumatic experience. This was one of the reasons why we decided to build our own kennels. The first thing we decided on was to construct  the kennels similar to a house. Cavity wall insulated, upvc windows and doors with full temperature controlled central heating throughout, which is perfect for those cold winter nights, and cool on those occasional hot summer days. We have CCTV inside and outside and the building is alarmed. There is our own guard dog on site and someone here 24/7. We treat your dog’s security very seriously.

PawsInnPonty Policy of Treat all dogs the same.

It’s our policy that no one should be asked to pay more for their dog to have something extra. We have fixed costs and all dogs will have the same amount of love, care and attention that they deserve. Our kennels are built larger than the current guidelines state. They all have an adjoining exercise area which is also fully covered with access through a sliding door. We exercise your dog which is always supervised, either individually or in appropriate play in groups with owners consent. All dogs get exercised in our high fenced secured fields for approximately 30 – 40 minutes at least twice a day without the use of leads or restraints. If your dog is not comfortable running or walking for a long period of time we have a separate fully secured area next to the kennel block which has astro turf where they can roam around or relax for up to an hour at a time. Every owner is asked if they would like to have personal videos sent to them twice a day mainly when the dog is being exercised. We will only post photos of your dog on social media after you have returned home and only with your consent. If your dog usually has a toilet break at evening time, then they will be taken to the exercise area at the rear of the kennel block. This is all part of the service

We welcome you to pay us a visit.

We always offer any potential boarders the option to come and visit us with or without your dog (your dog would need to be fully vaccinated). If you can bring  your dog,  the dog  gets an opportunity to have a look and a sniff around, have a run around the fields and get accustomed to the smells and noises. It also gives us a chance to meet your dog and more importantly for the dog to meet us. You also have the opportunity to book your dog in for day care or a one or two night stay to make the transition to boarding that bit easier.