Vaccination FAQ

Do kennels need proof of vaccination? Proof of vaccination, including kennel cough in the form of your dog’s up to date vaccina-tion certificate, MUST accompany your dog on arrival with us. Your vet can provide vaccine information. If proof of vaccination is not shown on arrival, we WILL NOT accept your pet for boarding.

Do dogs need a kennel cough vaccine to go in kennels? Kennel cough vaccination is not a ‘core’ vaccination, as it is rare that a dog becomes very unwell. However, because of the rapid spread, many places where dogs gather such as kennels, groomers and doggy daycares require attending dogs to have the vaccination.

How long before going into kennels do dogs need kennel cough vaccine? two weeks Kennel cough vaccine – should I protect my dog against kennel cough? Yes, this vaccination is now compulsory, we highly recommend your dog is vaccinated at least two weeks prior to boarding. Kennel cough or Bordetella bronchiseptica is highly contagious and is passed from dog to dog via airborne droplets.

Is kennel cough vaccine required annually? Kennel cough vaccine lasts 12 months – so should be repeated every year. Like any vaccine, the kennel cough vaccine doesn’t give 100%, guaranteed protection, however, it does significantly re-duce the chance that your dog will catch kennel cough and reduces symptoms if they do catch it.

What are the clinical signs of kennel cough other than coughing? Clinical signs may be variable. It is often a mild dis-ease, but the cough may be chronic, lasting for sev-eral weeks in some cases. Common clinical signs include a loud cough often describe as a ‘goose honk’, runny eyes and nose, swollen tonsils, wheez-ing, lack of appetite, and depressed behavior. Most dogs with infectious tracheobronchitis will cough when the throat is rubbed or palpated, or during and after exercise. Often, the hacking cough caused by kennel cough will persist for several weeks after the infection. If your dog has kennel cough it is unlikely that they will lose their appetite or become lethargic.

You’ll need to double-check with your vet when their booster is due because they need to be up t date and fully vaccinated at least two weeks before they come to the kennels. … Dogs will have annual vaccinations that protect them against: • Parvovirus. • Hepatitis. • Leptospirosis, • Distemper.